Coaching a Collective of Entrepreneurs

Partnering with The Prince's Trust to support an inspirational group of entrepreneurs.

"I have just finished my last coaching session after 5 months of fortnightly Skype calls and to say it has been a positive experience is an understatement!! It has not only had a positive effect on my business, but also on home life, on how I manage my work / life balance and remain in control but all the while enjoying the experience.” Coaching Programme Participant

Creating personalised coaching journeys to help entrepreneurs achieve their goals.
The Challenge

The Prince's Trust in the U.K. welcomed support for a group of young people that they had selected as their Young Ambassadors. These individuals were entrepreneurs who requested support in the following areas:

  • Creating solid foundations for decision-making.
  • Increasing personal confidence.
  • Generating deeper personal and work relationships.
  • Developing career and business opportunities.

What We Did

Each entrepreneur was paired with a 20 Rock coach to work together for 10 sessions. These sessions were held remotely and spread over 5 months.

The focus of the coaching sessions covered a range of topics, with key themes including:

  • Clarifying professional & personal goals.
  • Identifying personal values & purpose.
  • Holding difficult conversations.
  • Strategising Business Development.
  • Making values-based decisions.
  • Improving social life and relationships.
  • Managing stress & resilience.
  • Asking for help.

Each session included customised takeaway actions for the entrepreneurs and accountability with their coach.

The Impact

  The entrepreneurs were asked to evaluate their progress and experience in the programme. A selection of feedback metrics indicated that working with a coach helped them to advance their goals and created a productive, positive support experience.

  Participants' average ratings on programme feedback questions, rated out of 5 (5 = Strongly Agree):

  • 5 out of 5: ‘Working with my coach increased my focus and confidence in achieving my chosen coaching goals.’
  • 4.5 out of 5: 'The coaching programmes helped me address my chosen goals faster than I would have without a coach.’
  • 4.75 out of 5: ‘The coaching programme helped me complete, or move forward my chosen goals, more than I would have without my coach.’
  • 5 out of 5: ‘I would recommend this coaching programme to a friend or colleague.’

  The client renewed the programme for another cohort of participants.

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Coaching a Collective of Entrepreneurs

Partnering with The Prince's Trust to support an inspirational group of entrepreneurs.

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