For the organisations that want their leaders to thrive during change

Leading teams of people isn’t easy, especially when navigating significant change and unknowns. Our clients are looking to experience these changes as an opportunity to strengthen their relationships with their team, their leadership skills, and their resilience as leaders.

We partner with organisations that want to...

  • Enhance emotional intelligence within their leaders.
  • Support their leaders as they navigate new circumstances, transition into a new role, or develop a new team.
  • Accelerate the transition from a rock star individual contributor to an effective people manager.
  • Develop leaders that are ready to support organisation growth and succession plans.

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What do people say?

“This coaching program guided me through a transition from reactionary working to being more proactive. I have learned to think of other ways to view problems and work through them. My most significant takeaways from this experience have been discovering my priorities, setting goals (and meeting them!), and being able to lean on someone for unbiased exploration, support and clarification.”

“My coach helped me gain new insights, perspectives and ways to measure success. The daily leadership habits we created helped me reach my goals and are something I continue today.”

Client Stories

What will it look like?

Our coaches partner with your leaders to focus on priorities, to build confidence and tap into strengths, and to provide support as they take meaningful steps toward their goals.

To help focus the coaching work around the areas that will be most impactful for the leader and the organisation, we facilitate goal-setting and check-in meetings throughout the coaching journey. The coach, leader, and the leader's manager or mentor will gather to discuss stretch areas, strengths, progress and the support needed to reach the leader's goals. Generally, your leader will connect with their 20 Rock coach every 2-3 weeks to maintain steady growth and focus.

If you would like to find out more, get in touch. We love meeting new people and are always happy to walk through how everything works.

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