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2020 has been a year of abrupt transition and rapid change. Each day we read, or hear, the phrase “when things go back to normal.” Our clients are telling us something different.

They want a ‘new normal.’ A normal where they are more purposeful, live their values, show up at work with greater impact and not lose things they have recently found, or re-discovered – time with their family, increased contact with their friends, space to recharge and relax, exploring new interests and passions.

Partnering with a 20 Rock coach is a way to lead yourself, lead in the workplace and lead in your life.

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What do people say?

“After every coaching call, I am filled with a fresh sense of clarity and purpose, ready to take action and move forward in the next direction. Since working with you, I’ve gained the trust and confidence in myself to manoeuvre all areas of my life with ease and grace.“

“I have just finished my last coaching session after 6 months of fortnightly calls and to say it has been a positive experience is an understatement!! It has not only had a positive effect on my business but also on home life, on how I manage my work/life balance and remain in control but all the while enjoying the experience.”

“(My coach and I) have developed a great individual connection that makes me look forward to every conversation. She is a very calm voice of reason. Excellent listener summarizes the important aspects of our conversations, and provides excellent guidance and challenges that help shape my leadership skills.”

Why hire a coach?

We partner with our clients to design a unique journey that supports their goals and works within their lives. Clients often begin working with us as they:

  • Navigate transitions while prioritising what really matters
  • Craft meaningful work and reconnect with your current job, or find a new one
  • Accountability to try new approaches and take meaningful action
  • Build confidence and reduce anxiety
  • Communicate with impact
  • Handle conflict positively
  • Build stronger personal and work relationships
  • Create productive habits

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What will I get and what is the process?

By partnering with 20 Rock, you can expect a qualified and supportive coach. Your coach will facilitate your connection to purpose and focus during your journey to your goals. Your coach will partner with you to create a coaching structure tailored to you and will be your accountability partner as you take meaningful steps forward. Ready to get started?

  1. Connect with us to be matched with a 20 Rock Coach
  2. You and your coach will schedule a time to introduce yourselves over phone or video
  3. Your coach will walk you through goal-setting and create your unique coaching journey

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