For the performance focused organisation wanting end-to-end learning partnership

Flexibility is paramount today. Flexibility of mindset. Flexibility of thought. Flexibility of action.  20 Rock learning programs are 100% tailored to the needs and strengths of your team.

  • Modular learning. No problem
  • Tailored online & offline solutions. Absolutely
  • Blended learning approach. All good
  • Coaching package and amazing coaches. Tick
  • An agency focused on seeing results in the workplace. 100% - Yes. Yes. Yes!

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Our approach

A simple process with hidden depth. Easy to say. Harder to do. We help you every step of the way.


We research what makes leaders within your organisation great and design learning around that to impact the workplace.


We create deep-dive interactive experiences. We amplify strengths and engage with the sticky stuff.


We are passionate coaches. We provide coaching so people can apply their learning once they leave the training room and step back into the reality of their day-today.


We provide tools, processes, activities and partnership to develop performance changes in the workplace.

What have our clients saying?

"This program has helped me explore my strengths and expand my toolkit to the depth that I am able to better support individuals and teams."

"The most useful (training) elements to me have been the behaviour models like the relationship design approach and the feedback model. Being able to work with my coach has allowed me to apply the training in the way I work."

 100% of our clients would recommend our services to a colleague or friend.

  90% of our clients "strongly agree" that their experience with our program enabled them to be more effective their role as a leader. The other 10% "agree" ;)

What have our clients been learning?

  • Designing Team and One-to-One Relationships
  • Stepping into Different Leadership Styles
  • Coaching as a Skill in the Workplace
  • Offering Actionable Feedback - and receiving it too!
  • Creating Psychological Safety in Teams
  • Managing and Working with Ego
  • Strategy Development
  • Communication through THEIR Strengths

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